Highlifter - Semi Stainless

Highlifter - Semi Stainless

Stainless highlifter with manual and electric lifting

For many years, the high lift pallet truck has been used in many types of production and distribution companies .

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Adjusting neutral position valve

Project Details

  • Indbygget lader
  • Udvendig gaffel: 480 mm eller 685 mm.
  • Gaffellængder: 700* til 2000 mm
  • Galvaniseret
  • Lakeret
  • Monteret med trykluft aggregat
  • Monteret med 220 V motor
  • Parkerings bremse
  • Fotocelle - automatisk hæve/sænke
  • Farve efter ønske
  • Forskellige hjul varianter kan tilbydes
  • * løftehøjden vil blive reduceret, når gaffellængden er kortere end 1200 mm

The stainless steel high lift pallet truck has the chassis, drawbar, shafts, pins, pistons and screws made ​​of stainless steel. The pump is metallized steel . Scissors and battery box are hot dip galvanized.

The high lift pallet truck is unique to the loading and unloading of the light ends of the pallet , because it is possible to adjust to an ergonomically correct working height by raising or lowering the load. In this way, an investment in a high lift pallet truck , helping to increase efficiency and ensure a better working environment for the operator.

We can offer two different high lift pallet trucks, with a capacity of 1000 kg:

Manual lifting with ' Quick ' boost function which operates by load under 100 kg .
Electric high lift pallet truck , recommended that require many lifts in the course of a working day.

On both models lowered the load of a handle in the lower lever , either slowly or quickly , since lowering valve provides an infinitely variable lowering speed