Mechanical Display Pallet Truck

Mechanical Display Pallet Truck

Mechanical Display Pallet Truck

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Project Details

  • Specifications:
  • Capacitet: 200 kg.
  • Fork width: 200 mm
  • Fork lenght: 605 mm
  • Lowered height: 88 mm.
  • Highest position: 112 mm.
  • Turning angle: 360°.
  • Steering wheel: Ø80 mm.
  • Load roller: Ø82 mm.
  • Weight: 16 kg.

This Truck is mainly for use in supermarket and minor stores, It is ideal for handling of quarter – and display pallets. It is perfect to lift up quarter pallets and transport it around In the supermarkets and shops and as well stores.

The truck is manufactured in painted steel of high quality.

It is very good and stable to move around with, and it do not take muck space to turn the truck around. The Truck has a very low own weight on only 16 kg.

The details such as axle, screws and nuts is carefully chosen to ensure a very long lifetime.

The Truck has a mechanical lifting/lowering system, there ensure that it works perfect.

By moving the handle ONE time you will lift the forks to top position, were  it will be locked automatically.

The lowering function is foot operated and is placed on the cross member of the chassis. It gives a simple, easy, trouble free handling when you lower the truck.



ON  LHM200 the steering wheel can turn 360 degree.

Steering wheel are made of soft  polyurethane.

Load roller are made of Vulcolan.

These types of wheel secure that is it very silent under use.