Pallet truck - Galvanized

Pallet truck - Galvanized

Galvanized pallet trucks are manufactured to food industry and satisfies all hygiene requirements. On galvanized pallet trucks are frame and drawbar galvanized and shafts and pins are in stainless steel.

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Adjusting neutral position valve

Project Details

  • Kapacitet 2500 kg.
  • Udvendig mål 520 mm
  • Gaffel længde std 1130 mm
  • Laveste gaffelhøjde 85 mm.
  • Løftet højde ubelastet 200 mm.
  • Bredde på gaffelprofil 160 mm
  • Vendevinkel total 220°.
  • Styrehjul Ø180 mm.
  • Lasthjul single eller boogie
  • Hjul standard Nylon
  • Løftehøjde pr slag 11mm
  • Vægt 70 kg.

Our trolleys in galvanized steel can withstand most occurring chemicals , such as moisture and detergents. Galvanized models similar to the models lacquered a simple and reliable hydraulic system with built-in , automatic free position valve.

The release lever is in the drawbar, which also functions as pump pliers. With this handle controlled lowering valve. A simple lever lowered load either slowly or quickly, since lowering valve provides an infinitely variable lowering speed. When the drawbar is released, it automatically returns to the vertical position.

Hydraulic system
The hand-operated lift pump is simple and reliable. The stainless steel, polished pistons are resistant to rust, scratches and bruises. Double seal of pump effectively safeguards against leaks and prolongs the life of the gaskets. The lifting cylinder is welded directly to the pump, and the oil reservoir is located outside the lift cylinder. The pallet truck is fitted as standard with free position valve. When the tongue moves slowly, causes the neutral position, the load is not lifted (driving position). When the tongue moves slightly faster, lift the load in the normal way (lifting function). The system is simple, justerfrit and reliably.

The rear wheels can rotate 110 ° to each side. The pivot is supported by a rocker shaft, which means that all the wheels are in constant contact with the roadway. The pallet truck is fitted with nose wheel that facilitates the driveway of pallets from the wide side.

The model can be provided with a parking brake.