Transport trolley - Stainless

Transport trolley - Stainless

The transport vehicle is designed and manufactured in stainless steel for use in a hospital environment.

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Project Details

  • Kapacitet 500 kg
  • Højde 1600mm
  • Bredde 730mm
  • Længde 1000mm
  • Egenvægt 70 kg

The product can be applied individually for manual transport or vehicle combination, with up to 8 cars. Gavle is solid and made in 25mm hollow sections , on gables mounted a label sheet.

The inside pages are mounted four sets of shelf supports designed for placement of shelves. The bottom is made of plate fitted with spring-loaded drawbar , one downwards hitch and 4 wheels, of which 2 are pivoting . In each of the four corners is mounted a wheel fender for protection.