Trolley for fishboxes - Stainless

Trolley for fishboxes - Stainless

The stainless pallet truck is specially made for fishing and other places where it is run with special boxes.

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Adjusting neutral position valve

Project Details

  • Kapacitet 500 kg.
  • Udvendigt gaffelspænd 510 mm
  • Gaffel længde 850 mm
  • Laveste gaffelhøjde 120 mm.
  • Løftet højde ubelastet 230 mm.
  • Bredde på gaffelprofil 50 mm.
  • Styrevinkel 220°.
  • Styrehjul nylon
  • Lasthjul nylon
  • Egenvægt 62 kg.

As the vehicle is made ​​of stainless steel , this means that it can withstand most instances of moisture and cleaning chemicals . For particularly aggressive environments, the wagon made ​​of acid-proof stainless steel.

The pallet truck is basically made ​​of stainless steel. Pump cylinder made ​​of bronze. Nut made ​​of pom . Bolts, shafts , screws, and nuts and hollow roll pins are in stainless steel . Easily replaceable last reel assembly .

The pallet truck has a reliable closed hydraulic system with automatic neutral position valve . The polished pistons and cylinders ensures a long and reliable service life . The automatic neutral position makes that when the tongue moves slowly lift the vehicle can not . The draw bar is moved more quickly lifts the carriage normally.