From lifting pallets to lifting the green agenda

The Danish pallet lifter manufacturer Ole Almeborg A/S is approaching its green agenda in a consistent and efficient way. NIRAS has assisted the company in producing an audit and identifying six areas of intervention.

Ole Almeborg A/S - a Danish producer of material handling equipment – is determined to take the green agenda on board and make it an integral part of the company’s procedures.

With the assistance of NIRAS a new sustainability strategy was developed, including an action plan. Ole Almeborg A/S chose the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework and selected a focus on water, energy, operational health and safety, CO2 emissions, waste, and biodiversity.

In order to identify the best areas of improvement and intervention, NIRAS conducted a production audit for the company. NIRAS identified and investigated 25 different opportunities.

Out of these options, six areas were chosen to be implemented:

  • Implement continuous improvement for sustainability. 
  • Replacement of heating and cooling system in the offices with energy efficient heat pumps
  • Leakage repairs on compressed air system.
  • Green procurement policy.
  • Replacement of painting tunnel that uses less energy and emits less chemicals. 
  • Replacement of fluorescent lighting with LED to save energy.