Happy 40th anniversary to our CEO Michael Almeborg

“40 years in this business - time goes fast! I have never regretted that I chose this path. It has been exciting and educational - and it still is - so I will keep up the good work", says Michael.


The career at Ole Almeborg A/S may have started a bit randomly, as Michael as a young 16-year-old did not know what to do after finishing high school.

His father offered him a job at the factory, so at least he did something useful. Michael started as a machinist, became a production manager and then head of the factory with more than 90 people employed at the factory in Hasle.

In 1997, the generational change started, and Michael and Ole Almeborg worked side by side until 2002, where Ole Almeborg retired.

At the moment we are more than busy at the factory, so the big celebration is postponed.