We are a responsible company and take care of the environment in all processes, involved in manufacturing our products. We want our suppliers to do the same.

We are certified according to the standards ISO 9001Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, and are working with continuous improvement according to the goals of the World.

We will prioritize working with the environment at the same line as economy, function, quality, service and delivery. In order to maintain our goals for continuous improvement, we set the following requirements for our suppliers.



  • Product and service must at all time comply with the specifications, set by Ole Almeborg A/S.
  • Supplier complaints must always be handled quickly and seriously by our suppliers.



  • All deliveries must be delivered according to the terms. If it is not possible for the supplier, Ole Almeborg A/S must be informed as soon as possible.
  • All deliveries are delivered in agreed quantity and price.
  • All products must be protected by external influences.



  • Products are manufactures with minimum health risk for humans, the environment and animals.
  • Suppliers are actively working to reduce their CO2
  • The suppliers will have focus at recycling their products in the development phase.

We will prioritize and select our suppliers according to their ability to comply our requirements.


Suppliers who are certified according to international standards, working with the world goals or sustainability are highly valued, but do not exclude other suppliers.

All our suppliers must be approved before starting any agreement with Ole Almeborg A/S.




Ole Almeborg A/S will have the right to send an invoice for all additional cost for handling all non-compliance article compared to the requirements above.