Trolley for fishboxes in stainless steel


This stainless steel trolley for fishboxes is specially developed for the fish and food industry, where stringent hygiene requirements must be met for surfaces that come into direct contact with the goods being handled, i.e. fish.

In very aggressive environments, we recommend that the product is made from acid-proof stainless steel, which we also produce.

This pallet truck is made ​​of stainless steel. The pump cylinder is made ​​of bronze. The nuts are POM (acetal). Bolts, shafts, screws, nuts and hollow roll pins are in stainless steel. The load wheels can be easily replaced.


The pallet truck has a reliable closed hydraulic system with automatic neutral position valve. The polished pistons and cylinders ensure a long and reliable service life. The automatic neutral position ensures that when you move the handle slowly, the forks will not be lifted. The draw bar is moved more quickly and lifts the carriage normally.

Data Sheet

Product Details

Load capacity:
500 kg
Outside width std:
510 mm
Fork length std:
850 mm
Lowest fork height:
120 mm
Lifted height unloaded:
230 mm
Width on fork:
50 mm
Steering angle :
Wheel standard:
Load wheel:
62 kg